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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a spiritual practice of healing that is both ancient and contemporary, transcending established religions and world cultures.  Rather than focusing on specific deities or religious structure, the shamanic path offers an intimate and personal connection to the universe.  It is a relational path in the most essential sense, resulting in deep rootedness to one’s true nature while expanding into love, harmony and cooperative power with our natural world and cultural environment.

Shamanic healing as it is offered at Road to Bliss is woven through three main traditions.

The indigeneous people of the Himalayas known as the Kirati, believe that Krishna, a diety in the yogic cosmology, was the original shaman who brought the Path to the world.  In this way, the practices of yoga, which emphasize unity of mind/body/spirit and the cultivation of a personal relationship with the divine as a source of healing and joy, are shamanic.

The second lineage that informs my approach comes from the Q’ero people of the Peruvean Andes.  Seeing the imbalance in the world between masculine and feminine energies, the great paqos of the Andes, began traveling to North America in the 1950s to share their teachings in an effort to bring healing to the earth.  This tradition has been passed down from the paqos to healers in the West so that it may be disseminated and shared for the good of all. 

The third branch of healing in which I am receiving training is through the Niasziih lineage.  Niasziih (pronounced Ni-a-zee-EYE) is a nature-based system of healing.  Niasziih offers access into an expanded awareness that allows for deep contact to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The Niasziih teachings have been passed down from Lipan Apache elder, scout, and shaman, Stalking Wolf to other healers with the intention of them being broadly taught and shared. 

Niasziih healing training is available through wildernessFusion.  The first four years of study prepares a student to become a Niasziih Practitioner.  Three additional years of training are required to become a Niasziih Healer.  I am currently in my fourth year of Niasziih training.

The beauty of the contemporary shamanic path is that it is a calling rather than belonging to chosen ones who hold the power and access to these relationships with spirit.  If this path calls to you, consider honoring the call.  The traditions offered at Road to Bliss have been brought to the West and to the world culture intentionally by the people who originally held the traditions.  Rather than being culturally appropriated, the practice of these traditions honors the mission of those healers who have so generously offered and shared them.


You might be wondering what a shamanic healing session would be like. In healings, you will be guided to access the deeper parts of yourself, past the conscious mind and what is known.  The healing takes place on an energetic level, sometimes facilitated by touch, intended to bring you into deeper contact with yourself and your own intuition and healing guidance.  I work on your behalf with my own guidance and intuition to create freedom from past wounding while expanding awareness and harmony.

These sessions are available at Road to Bliss with myself as a single practitioner. 

The fee for a one hour healing session is $100.

If you are interested in discussing this further or setting up and appointment you can reach me at

336-577-6306 or email at


Sessions are also available with multiple healers simultaneously through the

Niasziih Healing Clinic in Winston Salem.


The clinic is comprised of a group of Niasziih students and  practitioners who are on the path of healing self and other.  The vision of the clinic is to offer our services to our community, while also deepening our skill in working together with other healers. Our services are offered for a donation fee.


For more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic through its webpage at:

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