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What Students Are Saying

“Getting to spend eight hours exploring The Lover archetype, one-on-one with True, still seems so indulgent I can barely believe I had the opportunity to do it. And then I just had to go back into the real world?! I am not a painter and don’t have much experience with expressive art, but I quickly found myself in the flow at my canvas. True’s energy is calm and confident and she has the rare ability to challenge you without judging you. She was at times guide, partner and follower in our journey, attentive to my needs and willing to pivot with flexibility as I shed self-imposed limitations. Because of my time exploring this archetype, I feel empowered to claim my desires, to embrace my sensuality in a way that isn’t owned by the male gaze, and to know what brings me pleasure and seek it without restraint. It’s not just about romance, it’s about receiving the good things in life with abundance and pouring out love into the world because of it. I haven’t stopped talking about this unique experience with both my clients and friends. It’s something we have all been craving and I can’t wait for more opportunities to explore my creative side with True."

-- Kim Wilson, LCSW” (The Archetype of The Lover Workshop)

"I have not created a painting since college, and yesterday and today I had the pleasure of attending a 1:1 Medicine Painting Workshop on The Archetype of The Lover with Cristin True Whiting. It felt wonderful to hold a brush, to have paint on my hands, to not think for a while - just feel. This painting taught me many things and I move forward feeling thankful, connected, and calm." -- Karen Hart Huey

"The Intentional Creativity workshop was an incredible experience.  True was supportive, so I could feel calm; she was strong, so I could feel vulnerable. With her guidance, I found openings where previously there were blocks.  It allowed me to look within, be free enough with myself to ask the hard questions and to come away with answers.  This was a spiritual journey for me, connecting with myself, nature and the canvas.  It felt as if we were co-seekers in discovery.  My heart is ready for adventure." -- Amy Bowden (Explorations in Consciousness Workshop)

"True led us on a powerful journey process of opening to the deeper layers within through the layering of paint on the canvas. She held a deep sacred intentional space and guidance that allowed what was unknown to reveal itself in unexpected and beautiful ways through the painting.  Thank you!" -- Sandy Phocas (The Archetype of The Visionary Workshop)

"True led the workshop with a great combination of leadership and openness. Her verbal instructions were clear and her examples were inspiring. I felt excited to try each phase. As a musician, it was easy to see how I could translate these ideas into music: playing notes with intention via right brain flow or left brain organization. While not being a painter, I was able to taste the real joy of painting, and being led through intentional creativity gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment that I felt benefitted by on many levels." -- Colin Allured (The Archetype of The Visionary Workshop)

"Thank you for class!  You so gently and beautifully nudged me back into drawing and painting.  I've never painted with acrylic before, and only a couple of times with water colors.  What fun, and I especially appreciate that flow and judgment-free expression.  Thank you so much!" -- Zoe Edds (There Is No Place Life Home Workshop)

"I am not a painter but felt totally comfortable with the whole process thanks to your inclusive spirit and guidance.  This was such a unique way to work with the tools of meditation, journaling and painting!  The finished product wasn't good or bad but held information for me to see and understand myself from a different perspective.  I would highly recommend." -- Elizabeth Lowder (There Is No Place Like Home Workshop)

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