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To address health care needs and life style flexibility, psychotherapy sessions are available through Telehealth, in person outdoors and indoors in the studio. 


Road to Bliss is located in a hiding-in-plain-sight location in Reynolda Village in the chicken coop.  It is a beautiful location and it is not uncommon for clients to request to meet outside under the canopy of trees outside the studio.  Lawn chairs and blankets are supplied by me.  This is a lovely option for meeting in person while providing both social distancing measures and the benefits from being in nature.  It is important for you to keep in mind though that levels of privacy can vary due to the occasion person walking by and because the location is viewable from the nearby shops and offices. 


All on-line appointments are held through a HIPPA-approved, secure on-line platform called, Simple Practice. This platform is very easy to use and is available for both computers and mobile devices.


Road to Bliss is in the chicken coop at 103 Reynolda Village
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