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Yoga & Meditation

You may have heard that yoga is a good way to get in shape, and in many ways that it true.  Yoga has a wide range of benefits for the body. It increases strength and flexibility. 

It improves circulation and balances overall body alignment. This often results in increased energy and ease of movement.


Despite it’s physical benefits, yoga can be thought of as a “work-in” rather than a work out.  The practice of yoga guides us to have an ever-deepening contact with ourselves.  Specific breath practices (pranayama) are used to guide body movements and postures (asana). In this way, yoga is a moving meditation.

The practices of asana and pranayama also bring balance and clarity to our minds.  Breath and body awareness bring focus to the mind thereby increasing concentration, calming thoughts, and mellowing intense emotions. At times, powerful emotions can be experienced as the body and mind release, realign, and strengthen.  In this way, yoga is a potent complementary healing tool for those dealing with emotional unease, grief, trauma and addictions.

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In addition to these physical, mental and emotional benefits, yoga works on the spiritual plane as well.  Practitioners often describe experiencing a powerful and intimate sense of Oneness and connection through yoga, meditation and breath practices.  Having said that, yoga is not a religion, nor does it contradict or replace the religious or spiritual practices that one already holds.   Though yoga has its own language and phrasing that have arisen from the cultural context in which it was born, this wisdom is easily translatable into agnostic, Judeo-Christian, and spirituality that transcends belief structures and systems.


Said another way, yoga, meditation and breath practices allow us to root deeply with the source of creation and vitality that is both within and that surrounds us.

The fee for private yoga class is $60 for a one-hour session. 

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